Educational profil

  • 2011: Ph. D. Energetic. Field: Turbulent Combustion; University of Yaounde1 (Cameroon) with co-direction at Institute P’ ex LCD “Laboratoire de Combustion et de Détonique” ENSMA Poitiers (France). Contribution to not-premixed turbulent combustion modelling with taking into account of auto-ignition
  • 2006 : Master in Energetic. Field: Fluid dynamics and aerothermochemistry; University of Yaounde1 (Cameroon). Writing and validation of 2D numerical code in fortran 90 for a calculation of laminar flows .
  • 2003 : Batchelor. Field: Physics; University of Yaounde1 (Cameroon).
  • 2000 : GCE A-Levels. Field: Sciences; Lycée Général Leclerc (Yaounde-Cameroon).