Professional profil

  • February 2008 to May 2012: Assistant Lecturer at Department of Energetic Engineering (DEE), University Institute of Technology (UIT), University of Ngaoundere (UN), Cameroon.
  • June 2012 to present: Senior Lecturer, DEE, UIT, UN, Cameroon.
    1. September 2008 to February 2013: Coordonator of Course Thermal Energetic Engineering (TEE), UIT, UN.
    2. November 2011 to present :Member of Doctoral Unit Formation (DUF) Applied Physic and Engineering (APE), University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon.
  • March 2013 to present : Head of Department of Energetic Engineering, UIT, UN.
  • April 2017 until now: Member of the Expert Committee on Energy and Environment Technologies, of the National Committee for Technology Development (CNDT) of MINRESI (Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation), Cameroon
  • November 2017 to present: Member of the Specialized Scientific Commission “Thermodynamics and Energetics” of the Consultative Committee of the Universities Institution (CCIU), study unit of the promotion files of teachers at the higher grade, MINESUP (Ministry of Higher Education), Cameroon.
  • September 2018: International Lecturer at the PAUWES PanAfrican University for Water and Energy Sciences (with Climate Change). Tlemcen, Algeria.
  • October 2019: International Online lecture on the topic “The Prospect of Wind Energy as a resource for Water Pumping with the Purpose of Agricultural and Domestic Usage”, Abdou Moumouni University (UAM), Niamey, Niger, within the framework of the RARSUS project.
  • Fellow of the Cameroon Academy of Young Scientists (CAYS), from 2018.